Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby flower love....

Over the last few weeks I have decided that I really wanted to do some cute photos to show my little hair pieces and flowers in action. To my luck, I had some really cute pictures from one of my first customers! Isn't this little baby just too cute! I so wish I would have been able to capture pictures like this of my babies when they were little. Such precious first moments! This really inspired me and now I will be adding lots of colors and styles to these little blossoms in the future, I will be adding some really cute little wool felt hair flowers very soon, too, and can't wait to have some more fun creating! Come see my new creations on etsy at and like me on facebook at

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time to plant...

Not only do I love to make cute little fabric flowers but I also love to garden as well, especially flower garden. I don't have as much time to do this with two little ones as I used to, but just the same every year I take out my pots to refill full of flowers to enjoy all summer long. My little 2.5 year old, A, was helping me yesterday to fill the pots with potting soil and she was having so much fun just shoveling and playing in the dirt. She got dirt in her hair and fingernails and on her face. I think she wanted to see what it tasted like (ewww). We both just loved it!

We finished up our flower pots and I planted my little vegetable garden and herb garden. It is just one little area up close to the house. I call it my kitchen garden. We are also working on our fairy garden in the backyard, it is a wooded area on our little lot that we have planted lots of plants in and we are collecting little fairy houses and things to make it a fun play area for the girls. All of this fun outdoor play with dirt and flowers inspires me to want to create more Sweet Little Blossoms. A little piece of my favorite things for you to enjoy! Have a great week and enjoy spring!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wow, a front page feature, what a great Sunday! I was already having a great day, enjoying some time relaxing on a rainy day when I checked my stats on Etsy and after seeing over 1000 views of my shop realized that something was wrong. Luckily, my great team members on Etsy at the Promo Frenzy team were able to help me to find out what happened and that I was indeed featured today! I did get two small orders as well which was great! I have really been enjoying having a great and talented team to work with, they are always really helpful with this newbie!

Here is a pic of the treasury that I was in that made the Front Page:

Thanks to all who have supported me so far! I am really enjoying this new adventure, it is so rewarding to know that you can make things for people to enjoy, especially something that you enjoy as well.

I will be back soon to give you some more news about my new little blossom line up!

Many blessings to you this week!