Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My story.... Part 1

In my college days I made an attempt in one of my anthropology classes to find some deeper family history of my love of gardening and planting and digging in the dirt if you will. This was an assignment for me at the time so I interviewed my farmer and gardener grandpa and my aunts and my dad who are all avid gardeners, not to mention my mom, who loves all things flowers and did floral design when I was younger. 

Then last week out of the blue my mom mentioned to me again that my great grandmother, her father's mother, was a very accomplished hat maker before she married my great grandfather in her late 30's. She married late for that time (1930's) so she had been working as a hat maker for quite some time and had gone to school for hat making. She gave up a very accomplished career in hat making when she married my great grand father, he must have been one catch of a guy!

This brings me to a start at my digging and finding meaning to my crafting and my story. I do love to work with flowers in many ways: in the garden, with fabric and felt, on my walls as photos, everywhere really, but this is just a start to my journey and my inspiration. As I continue in the process of learning about myself and my crafting history I have also started to create some pieces with hints of the past that I would like to share with you! Here are a few using vintage millinery flowers that I have made recently:

Some of these pieces are listed on Etsy and some will be listed in the future. Millinery flowers in short are flowers used in hat making and have been used for many purposes in history. Next week I will share more of my story and the history of Millinery (hat making). This is a fun journey for me and I hope you will enjoy it along with me!